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All interior services receive a complete air purging and vacuuming to loosen and remove excess debris and dust. All windows and mirrors are cleaned. Prices shown are starting price's. Actual cost depends on size and condition of vehicle. Extra services like excesive cleaning, heavy stains, fabric protection, or out of the ordinary cleaning may result in an additional cost.


Complete Interior $175 and up.

Interior is first vacuumed to remove dirt, dust particles from floor boards, seat pleats, rear shelf and all cracks and crevices. All vinyl and leather components & trim are cleaned and treated (leather conditioner add $25). Special attention given to dash board, consoles, door panels, and pockets. Carpets & upholstery are then pre-spotted, hand shampooed and finally deep cleaned with a special heated extractor to remove dirt, grime and stale odors. Special interior cleaning products are used that are pH balanced and contain color brighteners. All interior and exterior windows, mirrors and gauges are cleaned.


Carpet & Upholstery Only $99 and up

Floor boards and seating surfaces are vacuumed to remove loose debris. Carpets are then checked for stains and excessive ground-in dirt and grime and are then hand shampooed. All fabric and carpet fibers are deep cleaned with a special heated extractor to remove ground in dirt, grime and odors. Leather seating surfaces are cleaned and conditioned with proper pH balanced products to correctly clean and restore the leather to like-new natural beauty.


Interior Quick Spruce-Up $40 and up

All interior vinyl components of dash board, consoles, door panels and pockets are wet- wiped to remove dust and surface dirt. Your choice of low shine dressing is then applied to vinyl trim. Inside & Outside windows and mirrors are cleaned.


Fabric Protection $75 and up

This colorless and odorless protector guards against protein spill stains while it forms an invisible barrier around each fiber so spills cannot leave a stain. Having fabric protection applied to new or newly cleaned carpets & upholstery will keep interior cleaner longer and make spill clean-up quick & easy. A must get service for new vehicles. Re sprays are recommended every quarter.

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