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Paint Over-Spray Removal by visual estimate only

Many vehicles today are subject to paint over-spray from freshly painted bridges, buildings, and roadways. Left untouched the paint can embed itself deep into today's clear coated paints making it almost impossible to remove. My clay procedure will remove most paint over-spray quickly and safely. I recommend one of my exterior protection service after this procedure.


Engine Shampooing Starting @ $45

Keeping a vehicle's engine clean actually will help it to run cooler, makes it easier to service and increases resale value. Engine compartment is shampooed with special de-greasers & cleaners to break-down caked up grease and grime that has deposited on firewalls, liquid containers and valve covers. Engine compartment is then dressed with a non silicone low sheen dressing. Although many precautions are taken not to damage various electronic sensors I am not responsible for damage that could occur.


Wheel Polishing Starting @ $35 per wheel

Head Light Restoration $75 a pair and up

Hard water spot removal, visual estimate only

Minor chip repair, visual estimate only

Scratch repair color sanding, visual estimate only

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